On Arming Teachers

There was a post on FB that stated that 73% of teachers oppose the move to arm teachers. I responded that the percent probably tracks with party affiliation–most teachers lean dem. Immediately I got a virtue-signaling reply about it being life or death, not dem/repub.

Really? We can’t just make an observation–one which turned out to be near dead-nuts–72% of dems oppose arming teachers–without the secular sanctimony?

Allowing teachers to carry arms (I don’t know of anyone who’s proposing that they be required to carry) is a debatable issue. Certainly there are safety issues about firearms in the school beyond the function as a deterrent or a defense, and I say this as a gun-wacko myself (check my previous posts). But the fact is there a substantial perceived risk vs reality that is driving policies through emotion rather than reason. Sigh.

How about this–try to speak of facts or reasonable predictions over calling me nazi, racist, homophobe, sexist, fascist, etc. I will refrain from calling you a moron (even if you are) if you refrain from calling me evil.

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