Lying Bernie Sanders and Morons

I lived in Vermont from 1980 to 1999; years of much enjoyment. The state is truly beautiful and charming, and even the snow was bearable simply for the fact that I was in Vermont.

But one of the irritants of living there is being surrounded by the infantile left–legions of trust-fund babies from Mass, Conn and NY, who have no need to work and are convinced that they have the solution to every possible ill in the lives of the downtrodden. Just the fact that Bernie Sanders is a hero there tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

And no matter what the outcome of far-left policy gives, the true believers remained true believers. Which brings me to one of Bernie’s special projects–taking your healthcare out of your hands and delivering it to bureaucrats.

In the evening I would be down in the basement doing whatever-the-hell I did down there. I kept the radio on a local station which would frequently give the mic to Bernie who rarely passed on the chance to extol the wonders of Soviet “free” healthcare. I can still hear his, “Good quality healthcare,’ coming from his lying mouth.

Bernie is a hard-head who can never, ever admit being wrong–no matter how that affects you. Even he knows the “free Federal jobs for all,” is impossible to provide without absolute squalor (as in Venezuela).

And unfortunately we have large swathes of morons who believe in free stuff.

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