It’s a given that when a nation’s fighting is remote–and none of it done by the ruling class–the military, and the threat of war, are both dismissed. In the not distant past, aspiring political leaders had to either have served in the military or at least have had a good knowledge of military operations. Obviously that is not so today.

Not one of the presidential candidates (excluding Jim Webb who has exactly 0.0000001 % chance of getting the nomination) has even a passing familiarity with the arts of war. Nor do they care to, for no one believes any nation or people can present any real threat to the US.

They are wrong.

I do not say this because of any deep insight into the state of the world–I know it only because “only the dead have seen the end of war.”

And our old war horses will be called, again, to take the lead.

“It’s Tommy, this and Tommy that
And give the dog the boot.
But it’s savior of his country
When the guns begin to shoot.

It’s Tommy, this and Tommy that
And Tommy, fall behind.
But it’s please to walk in front ‘sir,
When there’s trouble in the wind.”

(Apologizes to Kipling for taking some liberties with his poem)