On Moderating Muslims and Western Policies

So, let’s get the boiler-plate out of the way.

Yes, the majority of Muslims are not violent. Yes, the majority of Muslims do not actively support radicals like Al Qaeda.

So what? The majority of Southerners did not support the KKK or Sheriff Rainey, but the predations of the bullies were not deterred until sufficient force was brought to bear.

It’s notable that we are lectured about how the Middle East Muslims in Iraq and Syria do not support ISIS, but if we wipe out the present group, the same folks tell us the ranks will be immediately refilled. What, by all those moderate Muslims? If there isn’t real support for them, then where would those eager beaver recruits come from? Either we need to occupy the bastards until they come to the same place the Japanese and Germans came to, or we just need to kill off the tiny minority. Which is it?

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