Maybe We Deserve Hillary

Hillary stated that she has lost more sleep over the Benghazi attack than all of the committee members. Aside from the fact that she SHOULD be the one losing sleep rather than folks who had no responsibility for the operation of the State Department, I’ll wager that the reason she has lost that sleep is entirely political–she certainly isn’t bothered by the death of a subordinate.

Hillary is renowned not for ability or talent–she’s infamous for her viciousness. A political ax-murder, she has tormented women who were assaulted by Bill, taken out underlings for trifles, and has declared political opponents “enemies.” She’s the democrat version of Luca Brasi.

Her testimony on the ambassador’s safety was the now standard Obama administration response–incompetence. Note that she said the requests for security never crossed her desk. She did not claim that she was never briefed on the requests nor did she say whether or not she denied the requests–pure Clinton.

This is a talentless sociopath who has no regard for our nation or our people.

Maybe we’re at a point where we, as a people, deserve her.

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