Defend Liberty? Pashaw!

Now that Memorial Day is past, I’d like to speak to some of the comments made towards our fallen comrades.

Seems there were some tweeters/commentators who proclaimed that none of our fallen military died for the cause of freedom. One sneering college sophomore (figuratively and literally) claimed that our military doesn’t fight for her freedom, Obama does.


But in truth, she’s not entirely wrong–our absent comrades did not fall protecting her liberty. They fell defending other, greater principles. Specifically they fought (and died) for our Constitution and for their bothers in arms. For you see, those of us who volunteer give an oath to defend the Constitution and we absorb the duty of standing with our brothers who did the same.

Onto death.

To defend that Constitution that DOES stand as a bulwark of freedom.

Giving the priceless gift of individual liberty to infantile ingrates is absent from our hearts and minds.

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