Trickle Down Bureaucracy

I can’t tell if Hillary Clinton is just abysmally ignorant or slipping back into her natural mode of lying, but her recent rant about “trickle down” economics was a bit too much for me to stay silent. Her claim was that trickle down (meaning when rich folks get more money, some of it falls down to the lower tier) was started in the 80s.

Sorry Hillary, but the term actually comes from Will Rogers. I’ll let you snarly kiddies google him to see when that was. The term was a derision of free market economics, used to imply that free market policies benefited the rich, not the middle and lower classes.

So Hillary is really taking issue with free market economics. No surprise there: Hillary is yet another proponent of trickle down bureaucracy–the theory that increasing government and bureaucrats results in wealth trickling down to the citizens.

The problem with trickle down bureaucracy is that the wealth has to be taken from somewhere to be trickled down. That source is the productive sector. Think of how a producer will respond eventually. Oh wait–look it up in the history of socialist systems.

Or not. Some prefer to believe in their unicorns. And Hillary’s honesty.

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