On Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is a dim-bulb who inherited her father’s wonderful skills for acting. Within her works (e.g. “Klute”) are some of  the finest efforts in cinema.

But as a person; I think she is a piece of dog-crap.

I say this not because of the infamous photo at the guns in Hanoi. As far as I can tell, she was set up by the commies and, willing or not, had little control over the situation. She even made a expression of regret–NOT an apology–for it.

It’s what she said–under no duress or time constraint–about our returning prisoners of war and about the thousands of “Boat People,” that makes me loathe her.

Of the POWs; she called them liars and hypocrites who got what they deserved. She did this on several public occasions, and I know of no statement of regret, much less apology, for her branding those men as ignoble.

When the Boat People started running, and perishing, Joan Baez circulated a letter among her leftie friends, trying to get support for a condemnation of the acts of the Vietnamese Party and the Khmer Rouge. Fonda sent back a nasty retort…how could Baez dare to speak the truth about the noble commies. A better writer than I said it this way:

When, by United Nations estimate, a quarter of a million South Vietnamese boat people perished at sea escaping their supposed liberators in the 1970s and 1980s, Jane Fonda was silent. When 2 million Cambodians were murdered or died of privation at the hands of the communist Khmer Rouge (originally Hanoi’s allies), Jane Fonda had nothing to say. When the people of reunified Vietnam were denied basic human rights and continue to suffer today under Hanoi’s one-party dictatorship, Jane Fonda apparently was too busy with her personal life to comment. “

She’s still silent. She lives a life of unimaginable privilege, suffering none of the evil she wishes upon the rest of the world. And there are still people who admire this low-IQ trash…Kim Jong Un with a pretty face.

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